Rates & Services

What I provide

Cost per track

1 track £15
2 to 4 tracks £12
5 or more tracks £8

For each track, as standard:

  • WAV files at 48 or 44.1kHz, and 24 or 16 bit, as requested
  • 5 free revisions
  • Track stats (if requested)


In addition, I can also provide:


DDP file £20
3 option mixes (per track) £5
New mix (per track) £5
6 or more revisions (per revision) £2
Higher resolution WAV / MP3 files (per track) £2


Services explained

Track Stats

I keep detailed notes of various technical aspects of each master, such as the loudness (in Integrated LUFS), the dynamic range (in Peak to Average Loudness Ratio), any issues with tonal balance or phase cancellation, and so on. This can be useful information to have when providing your tracks to radio stations or streaming services: for example, in checking your tracks meet Spotify’s loudness standards.


Even with the best communication beforehand, sometimes a master doesn’t quite capture what the client was looking for, so it’s perfectly reasonable to expect a number of revisions free of charge until you get a result that you’re happy with. Hopefully 5 revisions should be more than enough, but sometimes a project might require more than that, in which case there will be a small charge added to each revision.

3 Option Mixes

If you’re not sure which direction your mix should go in then, for a small extra charge, I can do 3 very different masters for a given track, and let you decide which you prefer. You can then suggest any (free) revision tweaks to take it exactly where you want it. An example might be a smooth, a classic and an aggressive master.

(That said, there are occasions when I feel a mix can only be mastered one way – for example if it is already very compressed and/or saturated, and further processing will just start to compromise the energy. In which case I will recommend against a ‘3 Option’ approach.)

New mix

Sometimes the mastering process reveals a problem that only be resolved by asking the client to remix the track. In which case, another small charge will be added.

DDP file for Red Book CDs

These days, more and more people are skipping the process of printing CDs altogether and putting their music out online. However, there is still a market for CDs, and if you want to take your tracks to a CD manufacturing plant then you’ll need a DDP file for Red Book CDs. ‘Red Book’ simply means that the CD conforms to certain standards, such as having 2 seconds between tracks (these standards were laid down a widely available book that was red, hence the name).

Part of this process, however, involves encoding International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs) and European Article Numbers (EANs) or Universal Product Codes (UPCs) into the data of the CD, and these are codes that I can’t provide, as they are assigned to the client.

For more information on codes


Unfortunately I don’t provide pre-mastering for vinyl, which is a slightly different specialism, but you can find companies who do here: